-The unique features of our games are wireframes over a black background, on an ultra-high brightness display. We use a special large magnifier glass to create a pseudo-3D effect.


-WE further enhance this effect with, the gyroscopic input device. The result is, that the game real-time generates the angle, the movement and rotates the displayed content for the player viewing angle. 

we named this method General Reality (GR™)


-Our little Retro side project the GAME ON™ Home Arcade also available for £299. You can preorder them by contacting us.

GO Home Arcade is a hand-painted stylish looking cabinet with a CRT screen and a Bluetooth controller. A built-in real x86 Intel Atom computer with Linux based emulator station frontend with a perfect UI, where you can easily copy your own library and play 4 decades of game line up from Atari, Amstrad, c64, NES, Gameboy SNES Megadrive and  n64(and many more) games also you can play our in house developed skill-based 3D arcade games, with our GEAR'OPAD mod built into the controller.


-SHOW your CHILD what you GROW UP ON and WHY it was so FANTASTIC and NOT from frickin PLASTIC :)

co-founder and programming:

GAME ON™ is the Ultimate Home Arcade


Farcry Arcade




Virtual reality

future of gaming


Game On ! ! 


2020 GR™ Entertainment Ltd

Disclaimer: We are using only opensource code for emulators and their bios, we are not providing and violating copyrighted IPs, it is and only the user responsibility to copy any copyrighted IP to our opensource systems.